A flying car with passenger was tested for the first time

flying car

A Japanese company successfully tested a flying car with a passenger in it for the first time.

Sky Drive Inc. conducted the public demonstration on 25 August at Toyota Test Field, one of the largest in Japan and home to the carmaker’s development base.
It was the first public demonstration for a flying car in Japanese history.
The car, named SD-03, equipped with a driver, took off and went around the field for about four minutes.

Successfully tested a flying car with a driver

The SD-03 is the smallest electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle (eVTOL) in the world and occupies the space of about two parked cars, according to the company.
It has eight engines to ensure safety in emergency situations.

The company hopes to make the flying car a part of normal life and not just a commodity to try out.
Other test flights will take place in the future under different conditions to ensure that the safety and technology of the vehicle meet industry standards.

The success of this flight means that the car is likely to be tested outside the Toyota Test field by the end of the year.

The company will continue to develop technologies to safely and securely launch the flying vehicle in 2023, the press release says.
No price has been announced so far.

Coming by 2028

The start-up plans to start with round trips to various resorts, including Universal Studios Japan.
“The initial model will basically fly on autopilot, but is not 100% autonomous because a pilot would need to manoeuvre it in an emergency, for example,” he explained.

The goal of the start-up is to sell at least 100 vehicles by 2028.
Each would cost an expensive car, according to the CEO.
Fukuzaw is convinced that by 2050 anyone will be able to reach any destination in the capital’s 23 districts within 10 minutes.