Where to pet your dog: the places where he likes to be pampered

Where to pet your dog

Pampering your dog is something beneficial, both for those who receive them and for those who do them.
And so, let’s learn how and where to pet the dog, because even in this practice there are better behaviours to adopt, areas where the dog loves to receive our caresses and areas of his body that we should never touch.

Various studies have shown that cuddling and caressing our dog is good for both our furry body and for us.

Some areas of our dog’s body are perfect for our caresses, scratches and cuddles.
An example of this are the belly and throat areas, which love our scratches.

Other areas of the dog’s body, however, are to be avoided.
Never caress a dog’s tail, even children know that! This is not an area that our dog likes to be touched.

But you know that every dog has its own character and personality.
Even in the case of caressing, in fact, every owner knows where his dog loves to be caressed.
And in fact, not all caresses are the same after all.
Every dog has the areas he prefers to be caressed, and even the type of cuddling can trigger a different reaction.

How to pamper your dog

The cuddles, scratches and caresses we give a dog can have different reactions depending on the individual dog: by getting to know our dog we will be able to interpret them.

The dog lowers its ears when you caress it.
It will be important to know how your dog behaves in these moments, to understand what he likes and what he doesn’t like, when he feels uncomfortable and when he relaxes during cuddles.

Of course, there are also some general indications that we can consider valid for all dogs, to keep in mind especially when approaching a new dog.

Where to pet your dog and where not to do so

We have created a map of the dog’s body with areas where our dog likes to be caressed and those not to be touched.

Where to pet your dog

The areas of the dog’s body where we should caress him and where we should not, can be summarised in this practical list:

  • Head;
  • Chest;
  • Belly;
  • Paws;
  • Back and hips;
  • Bottom and tail.

Caresses on the head

Petting the dog on the head? Better not.
Better to avoid them altogether.
A caress on the head, with an open hand, may seem affectionate to us, but for our dog it is not.
Head caresses are seen by our little hairy dogs as a sign of dominance, and are seen as a way of reasserting their authority.
For this reason, it is better to avoid them: not all dogs appreciate them, especially if they are not done by their owner.
And even their master must have already established a relationship of trust.
If we really want to pet our dog on the head, it is best to do so on the throat.
This is an area where dogs appreciate being pampered.

Chest caresses

Dogs love caresses on the throat and chest.
Chest and throat caresses are perfect for your dog, who loves to receive scratches in these areas of the body.

Snuggling on the belly

When the dog shows his open belly to receive cuddles, he is a completely quiet dog who trusts the person in front.
If we cuddle a dog and he turns on his back, on his back, we can take advantage of a few scratches on his belly: he will certainly love receiving cuddles in this way.

Caresses on the paws

The dog does not like to be touched on its paws.
It is better to avoid, because this area is very sensitive.
Many dogs even have discomfort from being touched on their paws.

Cuddles on the back and hips

Back caresses are not very popular with dogs.
This area should also be avoided even if it is not very sensitive.
In this case, some dogs also have discomfort from being touched in these areas.

On the back and tail

The tail is a very important part of the dog’s body.
As we already mentioned in the opening, the tail is one of the areas to be absolutely avoided when it comes to caressing and pampering.
Dogs use their tails to express themselves and communicate, and it is also one of the most sensitive areas of their body.
That’s why they don’t like to let their tail touch it.

Pet Dog

What should we avoid during caresses?

You already know where and how to caress a dog so that he can relax.
However, there are also some things to avoid:

  • Do not tickle your dog, this is very unpleasant for him.
  • Never blow in his ears or on his face.
  • Do not slap him, this only makes him alert.
  • Do not press on the base of the tail.
  • If your dog has a skin lesion or tumour, avoid touching that area.
  • Monitor your dog’s reactions at all times. If you feel uncomfortable or tense, it’s best to stop the massage.
  • Avoid hugging your dog, most dogs see this as a sign of threat.

How to pet an unknown dog?

You love dogs and this leads you to want to pet everyone you meet on the street.
However, this can lead to a bite if you are not careful.
Take the following steps before you pet an unknown dog:

  • If the dog is with a person, see if you can get close first. If it does not have an owner, proceed with caution.
  • Look for signs of aggression or fear in your dog: body tension, snarls, raised tail, swollen eyes. If he approaches you in these conditions, move away carefully. Never attempt to pet a nervous dog.
  • If the dog is relaxed, crouch at his height, but never do so with stray or aggressive dogs.
  • Avoid direct eye contact and speak calmly; avoid shouting and sudden movements.
  • Before making contact let him smell your fist, place it close to his nose. It is best to do this with your hand closed so as to avoid biting your finger.
  • If your dog is relaxed and wags his tail in a friendly manner, congratulations! Now you can pet him.
  • Do not stroke the top of her head and do not rest your hand on it, concentrate on the base of her ears and chin. If he is comfortable, you can caress his back.
  • Be aware of your dog’s reactions and stop stroking if he is uncomfortable or aggressive.